Light Up Your Life With Ethically Made Fair Trade Candles

Everyone loves a candle. Whether used for aromatherapy, bath time luxury, or a romantic night on the sofa, they can
enhance a range of activities around the home. Thanks to Good Karma, you can now enjoy the warmth of buying fair trade
candles that have been manufactured and sourced in a guilt-free manner.
With an array of different scents and styles, as well as an extensive line of candle holders, our online shop and Southsea
store have everything you could need and more. Our company stocks a wide range of items for every situation.

Fair Trade Candles For The Home & More

As one of the UK’s best suppliers of various fair-trade goods, Good Karma is proud to supply a range of fair trade candles
suited for various situations and budgets. Wax, oils, aromatherapy, soy, and long burn candles are all included while we also
have speciality vegan products.

In addition to candles for the home, we work with companies that produce
the best candles for church usage and spiritual events alike.
Better still, our premium quality products are offered at great prices
while still delivering a fair-trade to candle makers.
Whether visiting our brick and mortar shop in Portsmouth or checking out our online stock,

you can buy the following products and more:

• Fair trade aromatherapy candles • Fair trade church candles • Fair trade pot of fragrance candles
• Fair trade soybean candles • Fair trade vegan soy wax perfumed candles

Budget-Friendly Products You’ll Love

Here at Good Karma, we appreciate your desire to use guilt-free candles.
However, we also appreciate your need to get the
best value for money. That’s why we continue to work with the best
candlemakers to provide you with the perfect candles at an equally perfect price.
Whether you want a single candle or want to buy in wholesale,
our team can source and supply the best ones available in
the UK. And if you need something that we currently don’t have in stock,
feel free to ask for advice as we may be able to help you.
In addition to great prices, our online and offline shops guarantee a stunning service.

Some of the most telling reasons to choose us are:

• We have sold fair trade candles for over half a decade • All of our products are fair trade
• We are passionate about matching customers to the right scent and style
• We deliver fair trade candles and accessories across the UK
• Our team constantly tries to find new items to bolster our catalogue

For quality candles that can brighten up your home, business, or palace of worship, fair-trade is the answer.

With Good Karma, you will discover products that are great quality and ethically made.