Fair Trade Candle Holders

Make A Statement With Ethically Made Masterpieces

If you’re using fair trade candles to light up your life, fair trade candle holders are the perfect partner to take
those winning vibes to the next level. Good Karma brings the combination of aesthetic style and guilt-free shopping.
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Candle Holders That Brighten Up Your Life

Choosing fair trade candle holders shouldn’t signal the end of your hopes to find beautiful products
that can make a realstatement and support the atmosphere that you’re trying to create.
Thanks to Good Karma’s eclectic range, they won’t have to.

Whether you want a peaceful centrepiece iron votive to enhance aromatherapy,
a romantic love themed fair-trade candleholder for the living room,
or a spiritual holder depicting a Buddha, you’ll find quality designs at stunning prices right here.

Candle Holders For Various Styles

Finding an interesting or beautiful design is one thing, but you also need a candle holder that’s suitable for your candles.
Whether you have a single candle, multiple tealights, or a jar, our wide selection of products will satisfy your needs.

Better still, many of the fair trade candle holders are manufactured in countries like India and Nepal,
allowing you to tap into the cultural heritage as well as the excellent craftsmanship and prices.
Check out our full collection to find the perfectaddition to your home setup.